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Subtleties – Part 2 (Nested Tables and Varrays)

Oren Nakdimon 1 Reply

In Part 1 we saw that the SQL function COLLECT with the DISTINCT option is not natively supported in PL/SQL. One suggested workaround was to apply the SET function on the result of the “simple” COLLECT function (without the DISTINCT option). This works fine, in both SQL and PL/SQL, as long as the collection type […]

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Subtleties – Part 1 (SQL and PL/SQL)

Oren Nakdimon 3 Replies

Note: I wrote this post in May 2016, when the latest released version of Oracle was 12.1. As of Oracle 12.2 COLLECT DISTINCT is supported in PL/SQL. Almost every valid SQL statement (i.e., that is executed successfully by the SQL engine) can be embedded successfully as a static SQL in PL/SQL. Almost, but not every […]

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