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Here is a small pipelined table function that gets one string that includes a delimited list of values, and returns these values as a table: create or replace function split (i_str in varchar2, i_delimiter in varchar2 default ‘,’)   return sys.odcivarchar2list   pipelined   as     l_current_string varchar2(4000) := i_str;     l_pos            binary_integer;   begin […]

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impdp – which rows failed?

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Since version 11.1, Data Pump Import supports the SKIP_CONSTRAINT_ERRORS option, which specifies that you want the import operation to proceed even if (non-deferred) constraint violations are encountered. It logs any rows that cause constraint violations, but does not stop, and does load the other rows. If SKIP_CONSTRAINT_ERRORS is not set, then the default behavior is […]

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