My name is Oren Nakdimon, and I’m a freelance database expert, specializing in Oracle.

I have an extensive and continuous experience of more than 20 years working with Oracle database and tools, as well as other databases.

During these years I have participated in the development of many successful database-based systems, taking various positions which have always combined a wide range of DBA roles with varied development and management roles. Some of these positions, before becoming a freelance, include being the VP of R&D in Olista for 8 years, and the DBA Group Manager in TELEknowledge Group for 5 years.

As a freelance I harness the experience and knowledge I have gained, in both the development and database fields, to help software development organizations produce better software, in all relevant aspects, such as functionality, performance, scalability, maintainability, availability, integrity, etc.

I work and cooperate with companies in various sizes and from various domains; on a daily basis, intermittently or on-demand. Among them: Moovit, Better Place, By the People, Qure, OutBrowse, DBAces, Brillix, and others.

While I am indeed “database oriented”, I strongly believe that a key factor in developing  successful database-based systems, and in an optimal way, is good collaboration between the developers and the DBAs, and mutual understanding of each other’s domains and objectives. In my work I try to bridge the traditional gaps between these two worlds, and I also developed some courses that focus on this target.