PL/SQL in SQL in View in SQL in PL/SQL

I presented “Write Less (Code) With More (Oracle 12c New Features)” yesterday at OGh Tech Experience 2017.
One of the features I talked about was PL/SQL in the WITH Clause. One of the restrictions of this feature is that you cannot embed a static SQL query, that contains PL/SQL in the WITH clause, in PL/SQL (see the section PL/SQL in SQL in PL/SQL in this post).
I was asked, regarding this restriction, if it’s possible to embed in PL/SQL a static “regular” SQL query, that selects from a view, that contains PL/SQL in the WITH clause. The answer is yes, since the restriction is only syntactic.

Using the same example from the original post:

create view people_with_dates_v as      
  function is_date(i_info in varchar2) return number as
    l_date date;
    if i_info is null then
      return 0;
      l_date := to_date(i_info, 'dd/mm/yyyy');
      return 1;
    end if;
    when others then
      return 0;
select p.*
from   people p
where  is_date(p.general_info) = 1;

View created.
create or replace procedure show_date_people as
    for l_rec in (
      select * from people_with_dates_v
        dbms_output.put_line(l_rec.person_id || ': ' || l_rec.first_name || ' ' || l_rec.last_name);
    end loop;
end show_date_people;
> exec show_date_people
102: Paul McCartney
202: Ella Fitzgerald
203: Etta James

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

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