ilOUG Tech Days – My Experience

Last week I participated in “ilOUG Tech Days 2015” – a two day conference of the Israeli Oracle User Group. It took place in a hotel in Haifa, and hosted more than 100 attendees and an impressive league of international and local speakers.
It was a really great event in my opinion, well organized and executed by ilOUG management, especially Ami Aharonovich and Liron Amitzi (you can read Liron’s post about the conference here).
I gave two presentations and attended many good lectures and keynotes presented by Bryn Llewellyn, Keith Laker, Heli Helskyaho, Jonathan Lewis, Tom Kyte, Joze Senegacnik and Ami Aharonovich. I wish I could attend more, but I couldn’t be in multiple places at the same time…

My presentations were about “Indexes and Indexing in Oracle 12c” and “Deep Dive into Oracle 12c Pattern Matching”. In the latter I had a very special guest in the room – Keith Laker from Oracle, the product manager of the feature I was just presenting. It was very cool Keith was there, and also beneficial, as I could get his help answering some questions, like:

  • Is the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause part of ANSI SQL? (answer: not yet)
  • Does it require a specific Oracle edition or option? (answer: no, it is part of all Oracle editions with no extra cost)
  • Are there any differences in the feature between and (answer: no)

Both my presentations were brand new for this conference, and I feel they still need some “tuning” for the future, especially the one about indexing in 12c, which contains more content than can be delivered in just 45 minutes.
My presentations are available to download from the Presentations page.
I will write more about them later.

Other highlights:

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